Reasons for objections:

(See at the bottom of this page to find out what to do once you've read all of the reasons for objection.)


Planning Policy & The Local Plan

Quite simply, this site is not part of the Local Plan. It is a speculative punt by developers on a departure site that is neither needed nor wanted.

The proposal falls outside of the scope of the present Local Plan and as such requires reviewing in the context of the North Northants Development Strategy and the new Kettering Local Plan.

3 PREVIOUS planning applications HAVE BEEN REJECTED for this area of land, due to being against KETTERING BOROUGH COUNCIL PLANNING POLICIES.

Essentially No's K3 and Policy No. 94 area is protected and or reserved as public open space or environmentally important open space.

Three storey homes are proposed for some of the development which is against the Parish Plan recommendations and WILL BE IN CONFLICT WITH THE GRAIN AND CHARACTER OF BARTON SEAGRAVE.


Traffic & Infrastructure

Local roads and key junctions are not able to take the proposed INCREASED TRAFFIC flow, ROAD SAFETY will be further compromised.

NCC Speed & Traffic flow surveys & accident statistics for Polwell Lane and surrounding roads support this view, at present over 5000 vehicles a day use Polwell Lane, which is also a known "speeding zone" recorded as up to 76 MPH.

NCC have on numerous occasions been requested to address this problem. Residents have local knowledge of the problems which are not always reported and not readily recognised by the County Council who are responsible for these roads.

Traffic is already queuing back down the eastbound egress lane onto the A14 junction 10 at peak times causing increased risk of accidents and further congestion on the overloaded trunk road. Dangerous junctions onto Barton Road and Polwell Lane are always difficult to negotiate, many accidents have already occurred.

NCC have previously promised upgrades to these junctions but have always reneged on these promises.

The proposed primary junction onto Polwell Lane joins the Lane at a dangerous location, near to the brow of a hill.

"Secondary access points" will add to the already difficult parking problems at the local shops and onto the one junction onto Polwell Lane.

Local people know this proposal is not a common sense option and that it will cause further traffic problems, parking problems, danger and increased congestion.

The cutting of the school bus to LCAC from Burton Latimer will only further increase the traffic problems, school runs and increased safety concerns to pedestrians and children walking along Polwell Lane to school.


Flooding & the "Hydrological Attenuation Feature"

The proposed site is adjacent to and will cause DETRIMENT TO THE SSSI at Southfield Farm, one of only two sites in Northamptonshire.

The application area is PARTLY IN A FLOOD PLAIN which after recent floods has clearly and obviously shown that sustainable development is not achievable in this location.

The proposed attenuation lake is in the flood plain so will not work under flood conditions.

Further development will increase the local flooding problems, overload the outdated & under strain sewerage system and intensify climate change problems.


Community Consultation

"We want your views" was the heading on the documentation handed out by Green Issues at their Public Exhibition on 18th & 19th May 2007 and contained comments such as "We want to understand the views of the residents and all interested parties..." and "Redrow is committed to pre-application public consultation and engagement...".

At that exhibition, visitors were handed a Your chance to have your say leaflet and told that they would have two weeks in which to return the leaflet. The suggestion is that these views and opinions would be used to influence and inform the developers in order to achieve the best possible solution for all concerned.

Perhaps you returned a completed leaflet?

If you did, then you were wasting your time - the application was received at the council offices on 1st June 2007 - two days before that consultation period was supposed to have ended. This demonstrates blatent disregard for the views and opinions of the local residents and the developer's arrogance towards the consultation process.


Government Housing Targets

According to a recent report submitted and accepted by the Planning Policy Committee, the Borough Council is now on course to reach it's housing targets. Furthermore the recent submission of the Kettering Urban Extension of around 5000 homes, departure sites such as this are no longer necessary.



EMPLOYMENT: No local employment will be created by the proposal and as such the majority of local residents will have to travel out of the proposed development to work, increasing pollution and traffic congestion.

EDUCATION: Local schools are full and their locations have physical restrictions for further growth, the Secondary School Latimer Community Arts College which is oversubscribed, has recently applied for an extension for an additional form group was turned down by the County Council.

MEDICAL PROVISION: the local health provision is remote and inadequate; the area hospital is already under pressure with KGH on "red alert" during the less busy summer period.


Sewerage System

The sewerage system is at or near capacity already.





There have been several discoveries of prehistoric, Roman and Anglo-Saxon remains in Barton Seagrave and Wicksteed Park. For instance, aerial photographs show that a later prehistoric or Roman settlement survives in the field to the north-east of Dale's Lodge farmhouse, while a Roman cremation was found at Wicksteed Park in the early 20th century. The site's greatest significance, however, lies in its medieval and later buildings and remains. These represent interlocking and overlapping historical layers that are written into and still visible within the landscape.

The medieval manor, village and fields

Barton is mentioned in the Domesday book. The manor was held by Burred during the reign of Edward the Confessor, and so must have an Anglo-Saxon origin. Barton manor was divided into two, Seagrave and Hanred, during the 12th century.

Castle Field, to the south of the present day Hall and Barton Road (the A6003), contains well-preserved earthworks of two medieval mottes. The southern one probably contained the manor house of Barton Hanred, while the northern one may have been a garden feature. Other earthworks in the field comprise fishponds, watercourses, and remnants of the medieval village. It is claimed that, by the mid-14th century, the Hanred family's manor house had been in the hands of their successors, the de Segraves, for two generations. At that time, it is suggested, that Nicholas de Segrave obtained a licence from Edward IT to crenellate the building.


Vistas & Landscapes

The application describes how it will "..retain important vistas..." and "...augment the existing landscape..." - How does building 500 homes on open fields achieve that?


Environmental Impact

This proposal will increase noise pollution, light pollution and disruption to the local residential area.

This area is designated in the KETTERING BOROUGH COUNCIL Plan section K3 Kettering Ise Valley as a special location which needs to be protected.

The area is also now designated in the Local Development framework as "Ise Valley Linear Park" which is also a key part of the Kettering Eastern extension Plan.

The local wildlife survey was compromised and we believe, rendered inaccurate by the hedge cutting which took place during the survey, this removed many of the collection boxes and disrupted the wildlife environment.


Visual Impact

This is an artist's impression of the visual impact for one Polwell Lane resident...



and After...


Redrow describe this as a "partial view" of the development - demonstrating their blatent disregard for the local residents and their willingness to mislead the community. The quality of life for most Barton Seagrave residents would be ruined by this development.


Public Open Space

Claims about the amount of Public Open Space are misleading and inaccurate - most of it isn't for recreational use.


Additional Allotments

Additional allotments are not needed.


What do I do now?

A petition signed by many hundreds of people already supports the opposition to the proposal.

Please send three copies of letters of objection by 27th August to:

Kettering Borough Council Development Services Department
Louise Holland
Planning Department
Kettering Borough Council
Bowling Green Road
Kettering NN15 7QX

Quoting the reference: KET/2007/0475

You can also e-mail comments to: quoting that reference, and your full name & address.

Also send one copy of the letter to:

Barton Seagrave Parish Council
Clerk Mr Richard Reed
De Vere House
10 Hawthorn Drive
NN14 4LQ